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44 Licking Pike 

Wilder, KY 41071 

Bobby Mackey's Podcast - Military Veterans Paranormal


We used a 7 camera IR HD DVR multi-system (Defender for the close quartered rooms and a QSee system for the larger areas), as well as two Fujifilm digital cameras and 1 Sony digital camera for photo documentation. MVP used 4 handheld digital voice recorders with condenser microphones, 1 digital voice recorder with 2 condenser microphones and one external dynamic microphone, and 2 RVPRs - digital voice recorder with two condenser microphones and two dynamic microphones. We also used a data logger constructed and coded by Paul Browning to record environmental data. 


It is important to note the historical research and findings behind the location as it differs from the alleged history currently being circulated about Bobby Mackey’s. The building was built in 1850 and originally served as a very small slaughterhouse. The building that currently stands is not the original edifice, as the original structure was completely torn down. However, the 3 wells (there is more than 1 well inside the location) located in the basement, are from the original structure. 


In the 1930s, the building was known as the Bluegrass Inn, until it was bought by E.A. “Buck” Brady, a local mobster and associate of George Remus. Brady turned it into a tavern and casino called the Primrose. This caused some concern for mobster, Sam Tucker of the Cleveland Four (see below), who had interests in the neighboring town of Newport. Brady’s club began giving the Cleveland Four’s Beverly Hills Club in Newport competition for clients. It was also taking a lot of customers from Albert “Red” Masterson’s Merchant Club and Glen Schmidt’s Playtorium, both out of Newport. 

Red Masterson was tasked to “move” Brady out of the Primrose. It is unclear whether that task was to be done via verbal persuasion (Brady and Masterson actually began their criminal careers together), with a financial offer, or through violence. Nevertheless, Brady found out about the Cleveland Four’s disapproval of his business and their intent on phasing him out of the casino scene in KY. On August 5, 1946, Brady waited for Masterson outside the Merchant’s Club. As Masterson got into his car, Brady fired shots at him from his double barreled shotgun. Masterson was wounded in the attack but was not killed. As Brady tried to escape, he crashed his car into some parked cars and then had to flee on foot. The police found Brady hiding in an outhouse. He was arrested and charged with disturbing the peace and attempted murder. At Brady’s trial Red Masterson refused to identify Brady as his attacker because he stated he wanted to “handle this in my own way.” Subsequently, all charges were dropped against Brady. The Cleveland Four gave Brady an offer he could not refuse: leave or be killed. Brady subsequently “sold” the Primrose to the Cleveland Syndicate and retired to Florida. He committed suicide in 1965. 


The Cleveland Four were an extremely powerful and defining influence on organized crime in the early 20th Century. It is important to note the key leaders of the Cleveland Four: 

Moe Dalitz, a native of Detroit, MI, was one a member of the Jewish Purple Gang out of Michigan. He was also a close friend and mentor to Jimmy Hoffa, Bugsy Siegal, and Meyer Lansky. His only daughter was name Suzanne, NOT Johanna. (See attached photos) 

Morris Kleinman, a native of Cleveland, OH, started running a brewery in Cleveland and ended up bootlegging for the Cleveland Four. He was a key component in their bootlegging endeavors in Canada. (See attached photos) Louis Rothkopf, also a Cleveland native, managed the Cleveland Four’s stills, both domestically and internationally. He committed suicide in 1956. (See attached photos) 

Sam Tucker, a Lithuanian immigrant, managed the operation of the bootleg boats that were used by the Cleveland Four during Prohibition. (See attached photos) 

After acquiring the Primrose from Brady, they renamed the establishment the Latin Quarter. The Latin Quarter was a very lucrative casino, however, its gambling business was being taken away by James “Big Jim” Harris’s Hi-De-Ho club. Harris was actually the marshal of Wilder, KY. In the hopes to eliminate the competition, the Cleveland Syndicate helped shut the Hi-De-Ho down. In 1961, Sheriff George Ratterman and the Committee of 500 began their initiative to rid Campbell County of organized crime and essentially shut down the Latin Quarter. (See attached photos) 


After the Latin Quarter closed, several businesses moved in and out of the location. If often changed hands for the amount of $1. It was commonly referred to as the “Bloody Bucket,” due to the high violence at the location. In 1973, it became the Hard Rock Café (not the major chain), owned by Joe Caruso, frequented by local bikers. Several shootings occurred on the premises and eventually it was shut down in 1977. 

In 1978, the club reopened as Bobby Mackey's Music World. 


On Saturday, February 1, 1896, Pearl Bryan’s body was discovered on the corner of farmer John Lock’s orchard in Fort Thomas, KY (just across the river from Cincinnati, OH), along Alexandria Pike Rd. The initial thought was that a Soldier committed the crime because Soldiers were known to associate with the prostitutes in the area at that time. Most likely, Scott Jackson, who was convicted of murdering Bryan, chose the location specifically for this reason. He knew that the authorities would suspect Soldiers as being the murderer. Keep in mind, in the 19th century, crime scene investigation was very limited and they did not have forensics as we have today. Hence, the reason for the decapitation: to prevent identification. If it had not been for the serial number on her shoe which traced back to her hometown of Greencastle, IN, she would not have been identified. There was also only one set of footprints found at the scene which were traced to the Reservoir. (Please see copies of news reports, court documents, and images that are attached.) 

The autopsy report conducted by Dr. Robert Carothers, showed that Bryan had defensive wounds on her hands and arms, indicating that she was “alive at the time immediately before her head had been completely severed, and that she had been between 4½ to 5 months pregnant” (The Mysterious Murder of Pearl Bryan or the Headless Horror, 1896). The investigation by Detectives John McDermott and Cal Crim, uncovered several more clues. One notable fact is that they found a single set of male footprints that went up the hill towards the Reservoir. There was an abandoned cistern (water tank) at the top of the hill that had a large rock with a bloody handprint on it, which covered the cistern. The cistern was used to collect rainwater and was thoroughly inspected as the detectives climbed the hill and was found to be empty. They followed the footsteps that stopped at the edge of the Covington Reservoir. This is extremely important to note as the current claims are that the murderer threw Bryan’s head into the well. 

After Bryan’s body was identified, her relationship to Scott Jackson and Alonzo Walling was uncovered. Apparently, Scott Jackson was the father of her unborn child and wanted Bryan to get an abortion. After several botched abortions later, he allegedly forced her to ingest 14g of cocaine (which was found in her stomach during the autopsy) which did not kill her. He then slashed her throat and decapitated her. 

Jackson, upon interrogation, immediately accused Walling of the murder. Walling was described as being very impressionable and slow minded. Therefore, he most likely did not have the mental capacity to conjure the plans of the murder. Walling, upon interrogation, accused Jackson of being her killer. Judge Charles Helm presided over their hearings. Both were found guilty and sentenced to death by hanging. 

One news clipping states that Jackson admitted and wrote a statement saying that Walling was innocent of Bryan’s murder and that he was the only one that did it the night before he was hanged. (See attached NY Times news clippings) However at the gallows when asked for his last statement, Jackson stated, “I have only this to say: that I am not guilty of the crime for which I am now compelled to pay the penalty of my life.” It is alleged that Alonzo Walling’s last words were that he would haunt the location forever. However, that statement is false. In fact, he said nothing as he was expecting Jackson to state he was innocent of the crime he was being sentenced to death for. 

On March 20, 1897 the gallows lever was pulled at 11:40am, triggering the two traps simultaneously. Jackson and Walling fell 5ft 8ins before the ropes jerked them to a halt. They were still for a moment, then both men began to twitch and writhe. Someone had miscalculated the drop needed to hang men of Jackson and Walling's slender build and, instead of dying instantly as their necks were snapped, the pair were now choking slowly to death. 

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, “When the ropes snapped taut, the two men swung round and round, their fingers clutching spasmodically at the air and their shoulders heaving convulsively…At 11:50, almost ten minutes after Sheriff Plummer sprung the traps, the doctors listened for the heartbeats of the two men - and they still were beating." Walling was finally pronounced dead at 11:55, and Jackson six minutes later. 


There are power poles and lines that go directly overhead a portion of the building. There are train tracks 16 feet away from the back of the building and it is an active track, with trains running every day, usually around midnight. Inside the basement of Bobby Mackey’s is a large transformer. 

We had two electricians conduct proper measurements at the location with their equipment. Using a galvanometer and Mel Meter, with power off, they found in the main room where Carl Lawson lived (the former caretaker who claimed possession), the measurements were 5.9-6.0 milliGauss consistently. In the gift shop directly below Carl's room, the measurements were 30 milliGauss with the lights on and 19 milliGauss with the lights off. In the basement hall, the measurements were .5-.6 milliGauss, however in the rooms adjacent to the room with the large transformer, they had problems with their equipment. They said they couldn't measure the room with the transformer in it because it would “fry their equipment”. The transformer located in the basement is very large. 

Both electricians found a myriad of exposed wires that were live, as well as, cut wires that were dead. Additionally, the building has a lot of cast lead and iron piping, copper piping, and copper wiring. 

The foundation of the building is unleveled, with open holes in them, along with unleveled flooring upstairs. We found a lot of water damage in the upstairs room and the basement area. The far side of the flooring in the main room also slants down at a significant degree. The building has a lot of odd angles but no solid walls concrete walls between the rooms, with the exception of the bathrooms. 

We sent our EMF data collected to a scientist, Michael Baker, for further review and analysis. The following is his write up analysis: 

“Let me preface my input by saying that much of the research conducted at the Laurentian college in Sudbury, Ontario over the past 3 decades has repeatedly shown that low levels of Electromagnetic Fields in the 1 to 4 Hz range can trigger disruptions in the parietal lobe and result in brief bouts of temporal lobe epilepsy. These epileptic reactions can cause the subject to experience very real paranormal-like events such as seeing or hearing other beings, feeling a presence, alien abductions, religious experiences etc. 

That being said I would like to address the readings that were taken by your crew. 5.9 to 6.0 mG is fairly high. While the level of an EMF field can be small and still produce the above mentioned effect, what this high number represents to me is that the coverage field is larger than usual. When you record a high number this typically indicates that the radiation field spreads throughout a greater area. A reading that is less than 1 mG within the right frequency range can still have an effect on the temporal lobe so the bigger the area covered the greater chance someone can be affected. 

The iron pipes you mentioned bring permeability into the mix. Permeability is a materials ability to mimic and essentially enhance the inductance of a magnetic field. So in short those pipes could – in the right conditions take fields that are already present and enhance them to a certain degree, or even transport them to another area. Long pipes can sway when water is running through them and this can initiate small moving magnetic fields which can to some degree contribute and affect the pre-existing fields from other sources (such as power-lines.)

The big mystery here is what are the frequencies contained in those readings? I would be interested to know the levels of frequencies ranging from 1 to 4 Hz and frequencies ranging from 14 to 22 Hz. These “sweet spots” can and have been known to trigger the effects I mentioned. They can also effect moods, make people feel paranoid, angry, sad etc. depending on which areas of the brain they interact with and the sensitivity of the person experiencing them. 

Infra-sound can also play a large role here. Specifically Infra-sound in the 18.97Hz range which can cause eye Resonance and affect the peripheral vision. Ultimately causing people to see things from the corner of their eyes. I also wouldn’t rule out Ultrasound which can resonate things like bar glasses causing them to move and break. The key here is frequency. That’s where the mystery lies. The environment you described could certainly be prime area for all that I’ve mentioned here. – Michael Baker” 

We also sent our findings to scientist, Mitch Silverstein. His evaluation of the data is as follows: 

“I have done some basic research into the EMF exposure issue in these old buildings. These readings do seem relatively high but I am not surprised. I am sure there are many wires running through the building with no shielding whatsoever, even thick walls do some shielding. The transformer and the train tracks will affect these reading too. I have even seen old piping getting some bleed through of current through the circuit panel grounding. The water main pipe is often used as the ground. 

The effects on humans are not well documented. I have read papers that state animal studies have shown an effect on biological functions including possible induction of depression, however, when compared to human studies there were no effects noted. Also, they tend to use a much higher level of exposure for these studies than you would encounter typically. It was noted that acute exposure, such as visitors or investigators will not be affected but there may be issues with chronic exposure. Again, these studies usually are based on very high exposure. 

It has been documented that one’s orientation can be compromised due to odd angles and uneven floors; this can be an acute affect for one who likely does not have great balance to begin with. Investigators who walk around in the dark with no level reference can certainly feel the effects and interpret them as something unnatural. 

It is an interesting topic. I first heard of it on Ghost Hunters years ago, Grant mentioned ‘fear cage’ in an area with high EMF readings. I take nothing from that show as fact and found no references to what he was specifically saying; they made it up. I think some of that has stuck around and the frenzy of cell phone radiation (chronic exposure) has kept it alive. Until further studies and data are produced, it seems prudent to avoid high exposure situations. ‘I cannot buy into the theory of wormholes, vortices, portals, without seeing the research on it.’ I do not buy it for a second. You will not find research on these topics relating to paranormal. There are no standards or proof these can be measured. Many do buy into it though, especially from those who claim science is behind their work. They are posers trying for celebrity status, nothing more. It was great of you to have electricians on site, especially in an old commercial building like Mackey's. EMF reading are everywhere, even a zero reading area may spike here and there. It’s just another tool the typical ghost hunter (not investigator) will use to guarantee positive results. We have an article on Guaranteed Success on our website – Mitch Silverstein” 

Mitch Silverstein added the following note after reviewing Michael Baker’s findings: 

“I know Michael Baker, he’s done good stuff. We’ve crossed paths a few times. Science is prime. 

One thing I can comment on. The papers he references may not really tell the story he is implying. They are scientifically based but typically small sample sizes. Also, they apply their signal almost directly to the subjects head and in a controlled manner. I still don’t believe one can get these experiences from EMF exposure in a building. These papers have more strength in narrowing down the portion of the brain where some of these experiences may arise. Those with mal-functioning or damaged areas may experience events like these, but I am still not convinced random exposure would cause these experiences in a ‘normal’ person. I also believe the temporal lobe epilepsy he mentions is an organic illness, not environmental. 

So I still believe that most experiences people have at Mackey’s is part of the frenzy, the will to believe. Those with long history, such as Carl, may relate to Persinger’s papers but in a different way. If these experiences do originate from the temporal lobe, then maybe he had damaged temporal lobes. Google temporal lobes and alcoholism and you will get hits. 

The frequencies may be important, but for those reasons he states near the end, not so much for affecting brain function. 

I do believe there are things that go unexplained, I have had my own experiences, however, from what I have seen, much of what occurs at these places are similar to what is called Demand Characteristics in experimental psychology.”


We also had geologist, Sharon Hill, P.G., prepare a geological assessment on the location, as there are claims that Bobby Mackey’s rests on an active fault line, which some claim perpetuates possible paranormal activity. Her full assessment is attached and reads: 

“The Kope Fm consists of shale and limestone, some fossils, silty. The geotechnical notes include the following: 

The shale of the Kope Formation slumps readily when wet. Structures built on the Kope should be provided with adequate drainage and over steepened slopes should be avoided. 

The location of the Bobby Mackey structure is between Licking Pike Rd. and the railroad tracks. This would put it likely on the contact between the Kope and the ancient river sediments (alluvium). There is nothing remarkable about that situation. 

The area is not prone to karstification (solutioning) or sinkholes. 

There are no mapped faults in this vicinity. In fact, faulting in Kentucky is characteristic of the areas far to the south (Frankfort-Lexington) and to the southwest of Louisville. 

Conclusion: There appear to be no mapped geological conditions that would be related to the reported ‘paranormal’ activity of this location. 

Sharon Hill, P.G. (Pennsylvania)” 



Our static cameras and handheld cameras were used for accountability and documentation purposes. Nonetheless, we did not find any visual anomalies on any of our cameras. However, at approximately 0130 in the basement near the dressing rooms, the static camera on the secured tripod fell forward. There were no moving investigators, as both men were seated. There was one investigator standing outside monitoring the camera feeds and she was not standing near the cords and one investigator sitting inside a vehicle. The cords for the camera were behind it leading outside the building to the base station (TOC). Upon attempting to recreate the fall, we discovered that if the cord was pulled or snagged from behind or to the side, the camera would have fallen to the side or directly backwards. However, the camera fell straight forward. Further review of the camera feed prior to the fall shows that the camera did not shake or jerk suddenly. Rather, the camera fell straight forward. We have no explanation at this time. 


We had one data logger located inside “Johanna’s Dressing Room”. No investigators went inside the dressing room and that room’s lights remained off. The data logger records environmental changes. There were no anomalies found outside of the motion sensor going off. However, there is no door to the dressing room and the analyst notated that the motion sensor could have been tripped by a rodent or even the slightest movement by an investigator outside of the doorway of the room. There were no other environmental changes noted. 


All audio clips with possible anomalies were sent to various individuals not associated with Military Veterans Paranormal for a nonbiased outside review. All audio clips have been downloaded in their original form on the enclosed disc. We did not enhance, noise filter, or amplify the audio data, as this would introduce possible interference and/or audio pareidolia. All audio data was reviewed through two programs, Audacity and Praat. 

We did capture several audio anomalies (See enclosed disc). The first anomaly was captured in the basement. There were only two males in the room at the time. Both female investigators were at a different location, not inside the building. The audio data appears to have a female or childlike laughter in the background. Neither male investigator was aware of the laughter and made no response to it. 

The second anomaly we captured was a very slight whisper, again in the basement. There were four male investigators. Investigator JD dropped something, at which time investigator KT stated “Mark” to notate the sound was manmade on the audio recording. Investigator JB also said “Mark”. We noted a whisper in the background which sounded like “Michael”. There was a Michael on the premise, however he was located upstairs in the “Carl Lawson’s room”. The whisper was faint. 

We caught four more audio anomalies that were similar to the above with whisper-like sounds and laughter in the background. However, without manipulating the audio file, it is difficult to ascertain what is being said. 

All audio files have been disseminated to outside parties for further review and analysis. 


The aforementioned historical facts are important because of the claims of the correlation between Bobby Mackey’s and the Pearl Bryan murder. The claims were that she was murdered as part of satanic ritual by two men and her head thrown in the well at the location. 

First, all news reports, statements made by Jackson and Walling, as well as the court documents, show that the crime scene was NOT where Bobby Mackey’s is located. The actual location of the crime was approximately 2-4 miles away from Bobby Mackey’s. The route that night was most likely devised based upon avoidance of toll booth authorities, hence they may have passed the building on their way to the site. In fact, during police interrogation, both men actually accused each other of throwing her head into the Ohio River off of a bridge. This is one of the very few cohesive statements made by both men, which indicates there is some truth to the claim. They made absolutely no mention of the well in their statements or testimony. Additionally, the only cistern that did have clues (a bloody handprint on the stone that partially covered it) was empty upon initial inspection when they first started searching the area the day of discovery of the body. This is found in all the news reports as well as legal documentation. Therefore, it can be concluded that the claims her head was tossed into the well is false. 

Furthermore, the evidence at the scene indicated there was only ONE killer, which debunks the claims that they did it together as part of a cult or satanic ritual. It must be recognized that the association between the murder and any cult activity is a recent one. We were able to speak to a woman who was a sophomore in high school in 1977 in Wilder, KY, who stated that she remembered learning about the Pearl Bryan murder in her history class. When she learned about the murder during class, there was no mention of occult activity or satanic ritual. In fact, she stated that those rumors did not start until after the establishment became Bobby Mackey’s Music World. Furthermore, all the news reports of that time (see attached) also made absolutely no mention of satanic ritual or occult activity. Had it been any form of such activity, it would have been sensational news and would have been included in all the reports and headlines. However, there were none. Additionally, after reading through all the news reports, court documents, and testimonies of all involved, the cult theory is exponentially weakened as a possibility. Although there are current claims that Jackson and Walling were part of a secret satanic cult, there is no documentation to support such claims. 

It must also be mentioned that Carl Lawson, the former caretaker of Bobby Mackey’s, claimed that it was demonic spirits who informed him that Pearl Bryan was murdered as part of a satanic ritual and her head thrown in the well as a sacrifice. His story was recounted by and released in the 2005 book Hell’s Gate: Terror at Bobby Mackey’s Music World, by Dough Hensley. Hensley claimed that he interpreted the story told to him by Carl Lawson and that Bobby Mackey’s was haunted and cursed by the ghosts of Pearl Bryan’s killers because they had thrown her head into the basement well as part of a secret satanic sacrifice. However, there is no evidence to support such claims. In fact, there is absolutely no evidence, police complaints, police reports, etc., that the site was ever used for occult rituals and sacrifices. Although at one point it was a slaughter house and meat packing plant, there was no other times in which animals were slaughtered on the premises. 

Carl Lawson also claimed that he was demonically possessed. However, in the taped exorcism, he never spoke in foreign tongue, did not levitate, did not speak in altered voices, etc., which are classic “signs” of demonic possession. During the alleged exorcism, he also did not require restraints, nor showed superhuman strength. Other factors were also taken into consideration upon review of the exorcism, to include the brevity of the ritual and the manner in which it was held, that lends weight to the validity of the possession claims. However, Mr. Lawson passed away January 26, 2012, therefore we were unable to interview him to further investigate his claims. 

In regards to Johanna Jewels, there are several stories surrounding her existence. One claim is that she was the daughter of the owner during its existence as the Latin Quarter. However, during 1947-1961, it was owned by the Cleveland Four. At the head of the Cleveland Four was Moe Dalitz and he only had one daughter, Suzanne. Another claim, told to us by Bobby Mackey’s Ghost Tour guide, was that she was the daughter of Albert “Red” Masterson. This is also false as birth records also prove that he did not have any daughter named Johanna. Furthermore, in the alleged journal of hers, she mentions her father and “Red” in the same sentence, as well as notes Masterson by last name. 

There is evidence to show that there was a “Johanna” that committed suicide via poisoning. However, her name was Johanna Ragan, and she died at 44 Pike Rd, Covington, KY (just miles away from the establishment) in 1914. This is important to note because this woman committed suicide before the establishment was even made into a speakeasy. Furthermore, her death certificate proves that she was married and was not a dancer, but a housewife. The Bobby Mackey’s Ghost Tour Guide informed us that his friend had a copy of Johanna’s death certificate and that the name on the death certificate was Johanna Jewels. This would be impossible as “Johanna Jewels” was allegedly her stage name. Death Certificates are official documents and therefore only her legal name would be included on the death certificate. 

We also talked to two professors, Sara Toensing, former adjunct professor at UC Davis and Lynn Simms, a linguist professor at Austin Peay State University, who analyzed the alleged journal entries from Johanna, as dictated by Carl Lawson. There are several issues with the authenticity of the entries. Although both recognize that the entries were most likely paraphrased by Lawson, the content itself is what is in question. Dancers in the early 20th century were not very well respected. According to the journal, Johanna allegedly lived at home with her parents. During that time, a woman would only live at home if she was not married and had a job. However, a job as a dancer in a casino would be considered taboo at that time and dancers did not live at home with their parents. Additionally, mobsters kept their wives and daughters away from their businesses. Therefore, to say that Johanna was a dancer that lived at home and intermingled with her father’s business would not make sense. Additionally, in the journal, the entry makes note that her dad had “Red” kill people. This would indicate that Masterson was not her father. To assume that her father was Buck Brady would be erroneous as well, as Red Masterson and Buck Brady did not get along. In fact, Brady attempted to kill Masterson because he did not want to concede to the pressures of the Cleveland Four when it was the Primrose. Lastly, it is important to note there is no physical proof of the existence of journal. 

In regards to the love poem allegedly written by Johanna on the wall of Bobby Mackey’s, that is actually a verse from the song, “Never” by Toni Arden, released in 1951. 

The majority of the information released regarding the history of Bobby Mackey’s and its haunted past has been done through its previous ghost tours manager, Wanda Kay, Carl Lawson, and the establishment itself. Additionally, the internet has been saturated by the retelling of the history from this perspective. This is also largely in part due to several television shows propelling that information to the general public. The Bobby Mackey’s version (for lack of a better identifying term) of the history of the location is the one that is most widely circulated on the internet, books, and television. However, our research indicates that most likely the true facts of the Pearl Bryan case and the documented history of the location, were either overlooked or misunderstood. 

Based on our research, interviews, and the historical documentation provided to us from various KY historical societies, we conclude that the claims of occult activity and the correlation between Bobby Mackey’s and Pearl Bryan’s murder case are unsubstantiated. As of yet, we are unable to conclude whether a “Johanna” existed, as there is no viable evidence to support such claims. However, we are able to support the claims that the establishment has had a very violent and shady past, based off of the history of the relationship between the location and organized crime.


“Essentially, Bobby Mackay's contains several environmental elements that are capable of producing natural phenomena known to cause hallucinogenic and neurological effects. These effects can be interpreted to be paranormal in nature and can include but are not limited to the following: Uneasy, restless or fearful feelings, paranoia, hallucinations and scopaethesia. Due to the large number of iron pipes combined with various coils of electrical wire and equipment (which appear to be in a state of disarray) there may be random and various pockets of extremely low frequency magnetism present in certain areas of the facility. 

Low frequency magnetism (specifically in the range of 1 to 4 Hz) can trigger temporal lobe epilepsy and result in possible hallucinogenic reactions. People experiencing this form of electro-magnetic hypersensitivity can report many paranormal like experiences ranging from feeling a presence in the room, to speaking with deceased relatives and even alien abductions. 

The specific location of Bobby Mackay's along with various elements of the building construction (namely the plumbing) can present an increased possibility of excessive infra-sound. Infra-sound which is sound below the human hearing level can be responsible for many biological and physical effects. Not only can infra-sound (within the range of 7 to 14 Hz) create adverse effects on human emotion and comfort, these unheard, low frequency signals can have physical effects on objects at the location. Infra-sound can (within a resonant frequency) break glass, extinguish candles and vibrate or move objects. Infra-sound can also have adverse effects on peripheral vision. When pulsing at a rate of 18.97 Hz, the infra-sound frequencies can cause the human eyes to resonate. This in turn causes a perception of movement in the peripheral vision that truly isn't there. This may explain claims of seeing shadows moving from the corner of the eye.

Infra-sound can be caused from large moving or pulsing objects such as pipes (in excess of 7 ft), opening or closing doors, speakers, furnaces, hot water heaters, moving vehicles, air conditioning systems, wind, storms and much more.

Of-course the above explanations are not guaranteed answers to the numerous claims made at Bobby Mackay's over the years, but they do present a rational option and one that should be considered.” – Summation by Michael Baker

Therefore, based on the above, we cannot conclude or support the allegations that there is demonic activity based on alleged historical occult activity. However, due to the anomalies recorded on the audio equipment, as well as the unexplained fall of our camera in the basement, we cannot discount the claim of paranormal activity at the location.


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(For  navigation purposes, Front = inside house towards street; back = rear  of house in the kitchen towards the yard; right= side of the house  facing the drive way; left= side of the house with the MBR)


Our findings indicate the high EMF may have substantial significance in the paranormal claims at the location. 

Prior  to entry, photos were taken of the property, to include the front, side  and back of the house.  It was noted that standard power lines are  located within 25-30 feet to the front left corner of the house (side  with the MBR) and less than 100 feet to the front right corner of the  house.  There are also overhead distribution lines in extremely close  proximity to the roof of the house. The power meter is on the front left  exterior wall of the MBR. 

An initial reading with two gauss  meters/EMF detectors with the power in the house on, showed a  fluctuation of 15-20 milliGauss on a normal setting in the MBR and the  front living room.  On a high sensitivity setting, the meter reaches  maximum reading in both locations. The same reading showed on both gauss  meters/EMF detectors. After shutting all power off to the house  utilizing the main breaker, and allowing the house to sit for  approximately 18 minutes, we ran a secondary EMF reading. The secondary  reading with no power showed a reading in the MBR front left corner of  approximately 10 milliGauss.  The front right corner of the house showed  a reading of 5 milliGauss. According to the BioInitiative report 2012,  as well as after speaking to an expert in this field (name withheld), we  can say that there is abnormally high EMF in the front portion of the  home.    

The BioInitiative Report recommends 1 milliGauss (0.1  microTesla) limit for habitable space adjacent to all new or upgraded  power lines. If one is electrically sensitive this may still be much too  high -the Building Biology guidelines recommend a much lower limit. At  distances less than 100 feet, it is almost certain that the field will  be increased to some extent. It is within this range of 100 feet to 500  feet that field measurements are necessary to determine the influence of  the power line.

If the house wiring is not balanced, that  is to say the phase and neutral wires are not put together, this  creates high magnetic fields. Similarly with power lines, if the current  on one side of the line cables is very different to the current on the  other, this leads to much higher electric and magnetic fields than if  both sides carried equal currents. If the house has been remodeled,  flipped, renovated and the wiring not done by a licensed electrician  each time, there is a high probability that the wiring in the home is  not balanced. Furthermore, the original copper wiring for electricity  still exists throughout the house, as evidence shows that it was cut but  remained inside the walls. This would cause a myriad of bioeffects such  as: headaches, nausea, pressure, anxiety, visual paradoilea,  equilibrium issues, feelings of being watched, and depression.  There  have been studies that concluded that prolonged exposure can cause  instances of cancer.  


Our research indicates the tilt of the fractured foundation may cause a “mystery spot” effect.

We  were able to ascertain that the foundation of the house has a slight  tilt on one side of the house.  This may cause the door from the kitchen  to the basement to close on its own, as well as the chair in the living  room to swivel when no one is sitting in it.  After speaking with Mr.  William Prinzmetal, Associate Professor of Psychology at the University  of California, Berkeley, who is a renoun expert on perception and  mental/optical illusions, it is possible that the constant tilt of the  house due to the slant of the foundation may cause what is known as the  “mystery spot” effect. According to Mr. Prinzmental and his research,  because the true horizontal of the house is not level and is on a tilt,  the individuals inside the house must judge their surrounding by a  horizontal that is created by the rooms inside the house.  This causes  one to have an internal change of reference frames.  Tilted rooms have a  drastic effect on perception, which over time can cause one to become  mentally tired, unbeknownst to them. This in turn causes one’s  perceptual distortion to more than double in terms of possible visual  paradoilea (matrixing). Additionally, other bodily sensations may become  less functional, leaving the visual context as the dominant cue.  This  is important, because it opens the door to visual paradoilea.   Furthermore, the illusion would be increased while sitting in a tilted  chair, which the chair in the living room was noted as being, although  slight.  Unfortunately, we were unable to complete testing of this  theory at the time of the investigation.  Therefore, we can only notate  the possibility of this phenomena and state that it is inconclusive at  this time. 


WK  informed us that the hole on the right side of the house underneath the  patio was historically a well. Upon further review and inspection (we  did not cross the yellow tape as instructed but used illumination, zoom  lens, and cameras) we did not see any indication that it was a well.   There were no stones that indicated lining of the well, as well as the  fact that the hole was on an incline.  Wells were historically built on  level areas to protect downwash from rain from contaminating the well  water.  However, if the hole was once a well it is now a sinkhole and is  increasing in size.  This is compromising the structural integrity of  the foundation of the house, as the right side of the house is showing  cracks inside and outside of the house, symptoms indicative of  sinkholes.  There are additional smaller sinkholes in the backyard that  were noted by WK as well.


Due to the above scientific research and discovery, we cannot conclude that Wolf House is paranormally active.