the kandahar giant

Evan takes on a wild twist with this week's episode. 

Ever hear the story about how a Special Forces Unit battled a six-fingered, 12 foot tall giant in Afghanistan during OEF? 

Oh, and to make it even more epic...the giant was a ginger. 

So they killed a 12 foot tall, six fingered, red-headed giant with an epic red beard and a spear and of course.... main stream media forgot to mention it.  

Do you believe this story or is it just bull dookey?

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Special shout out and thanks to MrBallen and OriginalHuman for their videos on the topic. We linked them below.

Interview of "Mr. K" and "Mr. D."

Check out MrBallen's YouTube video on the Kandahar Giant:

BTW, MrBallen is a former US Navy Seal and all around badass.

You may also want to check out OriginalHuman's video as well:

BTW, OriginalHuman is a former Royal Marine Commando and also an all around badass.

Steve Quale /George Noory interview: