Mexican Aliens & Project Blue Book - S7 E5

Today, let's talk about the Mexican Aliens. 

No, we're not talking about immigration but the actual alien bodies (allegedly) that were presented to the Mexican government. A very tardy, but fascinating nonetheless, WarDeadPool joins us in our discussion.  

We not only dive into these alleged extraterrestrials but also Project Blue Beam and explore the idea of aliens being fallen angels.

You can find more information about our guest, War Deadpool, and the topics we discussed in today's episode at the links below:

Guest Information:
WarDeadPool's TikTok
WarDeadPool's YouTube

More Topic Information:
Mexican Alien Reuters News
Mexican Aliens CBS Coverage
Video of Mexican Aliens (allegedly)

Project Blue Beam
Monast's 1994 paper on his Project Blue Beam theory
Project Blue Beam Exposed article by The Secret Sun debunking the theory
RationalWiki synopsis of Project Blue Beam

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