You probably thought the Mothman sightings ended back in 1966 or 1967 when the alleged winged creature was claimed to have been seen in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. 

The last mass-reported sightings of the Mothman ended following the Silver Bridge Collapse, which claimed the lives of 46 people. However, it seems to have resurfaced (ALLEGEDLY), with more recent sightings in Ohio and Chicago and apparently, the witnesses have pictures. 

Well, we have questions! Below are links to additional information regarding this cryptid legend:

1. PhD Candidate Eleanor Ann Hasken Dissertation for Indiana University, "The Migration of a Local Legend: The Case of Mothman"
2. Smithsonian Center for Folklife & Cultural Heritage Magazine article 2021
3. Joe Nickell article for Skeptical Inquirer "Mothman Revisited: Investigating on Site:
4. West Virginia Public Broadcasting "Mothman Legacy Has Ties to Ancient Folklore"
5. National Audubon Society Article 2018 "Is the Mothman of West Virginia an Owl?"
6. Alleged Reported Sightings/Encounters map in the Chicago Lake Michigan area
7. WCHS Fox 11 News Report 2016
8. Chicago O'Hare American Airlines fire 2016
9. Southeast Ohio Magazine article 2016
10. Southern Living article 2022
11. West Virginia Encyclopedia

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