The Simulation theory and mandela effect s7 e8

Red Pill or Blue Pill? Did that really happen or is it just a false memory? We jump into possibly the craziest mind phenomenology idea of them all in this episode: The Simulation Theory, with the Mandela Effect as "proof". 

What if we're all just living in a giant computer program? We also have a lot of fun as we discuss the Mandela Effect and go through numerous examples of things we all remember...which turned out to be FALSE! Some of these examples are going to blow your mind and make you question everything!

Below are links to more information on Simulation Theory and the Mandela Effect

More information:
Elon Musk Interview re: Simulation Theory

Scientific American Article on Simulation Theory

Physicist Dr. Tim Lou, PhD's article on why are NOT living in a simulation

Better Explanation of Quantum Chromodynamics

More examples of the Mandela Effect

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