wolf house investigation

wolf house investication Report 

Wolf House

**** Licking Pike (Street Address withheld)

Taylor Mill, KY 41015



MVP  used a mutli-system DVR and digital camera equipment to document the  investigation as well as provide accountability of all equipment and  investigators. We used a 7 camera IR HD DVR multi-system (Defender for  the close quartered rooms and a QSee system for the larger areas), as  well as two Fujifilm digital cameras and one Sony digital camera. After  an exhaustive review, we were unable to find any conclusive evidence of  paranormal activity.


We  did have some photos that showed several anomalies similar to those  that have been shared on the Wolf House FB page.  However, after  submitting unedited copies of them to a professional photographer, Kenny  Biddle, it was concluded that the cause of the white illuminated  circles was due to a lens flare, lack of lighting and shutter speed. The  following paragraphs are taken directly from his analysis report:

“The  most likely cause of the whit illuminated circles is a spot on the  lens. This is evident by the circle being in the same location on both  images (not in the scene), even though the angle of the camera was at  changed. This means that that if you put your finger on the screen in  the center of the illuminated circle, then flip back and forth between  image 64 and 65, you'll notice that the illuminated circle doesn't  change position - even though that camera had moved to a different  position. A small spot will cause this effect, because a spot on the  lens will create an anomaly in the same position on the image no matter  where you point the camera.

However, there is an issue of  the "camera shake", due to this being a Long Exposure - without the use  of the flash, and there was not nearly enough light in this room...the  camera shutter stays open much longer than normal, which is why they are  blurry. Since the room was pretty dark, the shutter stays open longer  to collect more light. (More light means a brighter image). Light coming  through the lens, and through that spot, would be a bit lighter than  the rest of the image. The reason we don't see it as bright or the same  size in image 66 as we do with the other images, is because of the  excessive camera shake in this one. 

Such spots on the  lens usually don't show up. They are more pronounced and noticeable  during long exposures or when taking pictures of bright scenes like a  clear blue sky during the day. They usually go unnoticed when taking a  quick look at the lens.

My conclusion - this was the  product of long exposures (one image had a 5 second exposure, while the  other two had 6 second exposures), and a spot on the lens, which  slightly amplified the available light. If the flash had been used, the  anomaly would not have been produced on the image.”


MVP  used two digital voice recorders with condenser microphones, one  digital voice recorder with two condenser microphones and one external  dynamic microphone, and one RVPR - digital voice recorder with two  condenser microphones and two dynamic microphones. We did have one audio  anomaly in our digital recording device that had two condenser  microphones and one dynamic microphone.  The recording noted a loud  sound that showed on the wavelengths of both microphones, indicating  that it was an audible sound and not an EVP.  However, at the time that  the noise was made, there were no investigators in the upstairs and the  sound’s wavelengths were completely different from the sounds from  outside the house.  Additionally, due to the clarity and volume of the  sound, it can be concluded that the noise occurred in close proximity to  the voice recorder inside the room.  Visual data showed that the  investigators were outside of the house at the time the noise was made  and there was no furniture other than the two air mattresses in the room  at the time.  MVP did not hang anything that could have fallen in the  area and visual data supports this.  At present, we have no explanation  for the noise that was produced by the audio recorder. Because it was  one noise that was recorded with no further anomalies, we cannot say  conclusively that it was paranormal in nature.  We can say, nonetheless,  that at present, it is unexplainable.


MVP  was briefed prior to arrival by coordinator and Wolf House Director,  Wanda Kay (WK), of the suspected history of the location.  Per WK, no  one has been able to locate any history on the location to date.  All  she knew was that the original land owners were the Wolf family and the  Price family.  The Price family purchased the location from the Wolf  family and passed it down.  Ultimately, a non-family member purchased  the location.  Over the years, the home has been remodeled (flipped),  with the current house being built upon the original farmhouse.  WK  noted that she was informed that the property was possibly built upon  former Native American burial grounds.  The property is adjacent to the  Floral Hills Memorial Gardens.  WK also informed MVP that the Wolf  family/Price family cemetery was in close proximity to the property and  both families were buried at the same location.


After  extensive research, we were unable to pull up anything significant on  the property.  This is partially due to the limited resources at our  disposal. We were not given any specific information regarding the Wolf  Family or the Price family other than the names of John/Ray Price.   Because we did not procure the specific location address prior our  arrival, we were unable to utilize local resources, such as the Kenton  County Public Library and the County Clerk’s office, which holds copies  of the land deeds.

There is a Wolf family cemetery located at  16/Taylor Mill Rd. We were unable to physically walk the location to  identify any specific member of the Wolf family, due to our arrival time  in Wilder.  However, we called the Kenton County Historical Society  regarding the families in question, and were told they would find what  they could and contact us with further information.  A genealogist with  the Kentucky Historical Society (name withheld) also provided the name  of Jacob Price who had a daughter (Ann Price) which was of significance  in Kenton County.  However, Jacob Price was African American.   Nonetheless, he was responsible for establishing the first all  African-American school in Northern Kentucky.  She agreed to continue  researching both families for MVP and will call with any further  information. Additionally, there was no specific significant history in  regards to the location surrounding the Wolf or Price family that we  were able to ascertain.  This does not mean that the families did not  contribute to Taylor Mill or Kenton County.  We were able to obtain the  names of several Wolf family members as well as Price family members,  some of which are buried at St. Mary’s Cemetery. We are continuing our  research into these families and their relationship to the location in  question. Coincidentally, there are numerous Price family members also  buried at St. Mary’s Cemetery.  Whether or not any of these family  members were the ones who owned the property has yet to be determined.



After  talking with an Associate Professor (name withheld) from the Department  of Anthropology at the University of Kentucky, we were informed that by  the mid-1700’s, there were no permanent native settlement in KY at  all.  KY was used for hunting grounds by the Shawnee Indians.  Further  research, to include works by Thomas Clark, Lowell Harrison, William  Elsey Connelly and Ellis Merle Coulton, and publications from the  Kentucky Historical Society, concluded that there were no actual burial  grounds located on the property. Historically, as noted also in a  journal by Daniel Boone, the Native Americans used Northern Kentucky as  their hunting ground and when they were in conflicts resulting in  deaths/casualties, the Natives took the bodies of their fallen brothers  with them back to their tribal areas to perform Native death rituals and  proper burials.  Though there have been discovery of several sites that  are indicative of burial ground, the property location and Taylor Mill  area was not amongst the list of registered sites.  The most known  locations for the burial grounds were found above Newport on the OH  River, as well as Big Bone Lick. To reiterate, though there were other  burial sites discovered in Northern Kentucky, there has been no  anthropological proof of Native grounds on that property.

Historical maps can be forwarded upon request.


(For  navigation purposes, Front = inside house towards street; back = rear  of house in the kitchen towards the yard; right= side of the house  facing the drive way; left= side of the house with the MBR)


Our findings indicate the high EMF may have substantial significance in the paranormal claims at the location. 

Prior  to entry, photos were taken of the property, to include the front, side  and back of the house.  It was noted that standard power lines are  located within 25-30 feet to the front left corner of the house (side  with the MBR) and less than 100 feet to the front right corner of the  house.  There are also overhead distribution lines in extremely close  proximity to the roof of the house. The power meter is on the front left  exterior wall of the MBR. 

An initial reading with two gauss  meters/EMF detectors with the power in the house on, showed a  fluctuation of 15-20 milliGauss on a normal setting in the MBR and the  front living room.  On a high sensitivity setting, the meter reaches  maximum reading in both locations. The same reading showed on both gauss  meters/EMF detectors. After shutting all power off to the house  utilizing the main breaker, and allowing the house to sit for  approximately 18 minutes, we ran a secondary EMF reading. The secondary  reading with no power showed a reading in the MBR front left corner of  approximately 10 milliGauss.  The front right corner of the house showed  a reading of 5 milliGauss. According to the BioInitiative report 2012,  as well as after speaking to an expert in this field (name withheld), we  can say that there is abnormally high EMF in the front portion of the  home.    

The BioInitiative Report recommends 1 milliGauss (0.1  microTesla) limit for habitable space adjacent to all new or upgraded  power lines. If one is electrically sensitive this may still be much too  high -the Building Biology guidelines recommend a much lower limit. At  distances less than 100 feet, it is almost certain that the field will  be increased to some extent. It is within this range of 100 feet to 500  feet that field measurements are necessary to determine the influence of  the power line.

If the house wiring is not balanced, that  is to say the phase and neutral wires are not put together, this  creates high magnetic fields. Similarly with power lines, if the current  on one side of the line cables is very different to the current on the  other, this leads to much higher electric and magnetic fields than if  both sides carried equal currents. If the house has been remodeled,  flipped, renovated and the wiring not done by a licensed electrician  each time, there is a high probability that the wiring in the home is  not balanced. Furthermore, the original copper wiring for electricity  still exists throughout the house, as evidence shows that it was cut but  remained inside the walls. This would cause a myriad of bioeffects such  as: headaches, nausea, pressure, anxiety, visual paradoilea,  equilibrium issues, feelings of being watched, and depression.  There  have been studies that concluded that prolonged exposure can cause  instances of cancer.  


Our research indicates the tilt of the fractured foundation may cause a “mystery spot” effect.

We  were able to ascertain that the foundation of the house has a slight  tilt on one side of the house.  This may cause the door from the kitchen  to the basement to close on its own, as well as the chair in the living  room to swivel when no one is sitting in it.  After speaking with Mr.  William Prinzmetal, Associate Professor of Psychology at the University  of California, Berkeley, who is a renoun expert on perception and  mental/optical illusions, it is possible that the constant tilt of the  house due to the slant of the foundation may cause what is known as the  “mystery spot” effect. According to Mr. Prinzmental and his research,  because the true horizontal of the house is not level and is on a tilt,  the individuals inside the house must judge their surrounding by a  horizontal that is created by the rooms inside the house.  This causes  one to have an internal change of reference frames.  Tilted rooms have a  drastic effect on perception, which over time can cause one to become  mentally tired, unbeknownst to them. This in turn causes one’s  perceptual distortion to more than double in terms of possible visual  paradoilea (matrixing). Additionally, other bodily sensations may become  less functional, leaving the visual context as the dominant cue.  This  is important, because it opens the door to visual paradoilea.   Furthermore, the illusion would be increased while sitting in a tilted  chair, which the chair in the living room was noted as being, although  slight.  Unfortunately, we were unable to complete testing of this  theory at the time of the investigation.  Therefore, we can only notate  the possibility of this phenomena and state that it is inconclusive at  this time. 


WK  informed us that the hole on the right side of the house underneath the  patio was historically a well. Upon further review and inspection (we  did not cross the yellow tape as instructed but used illumination, zoom  lens, and cameras) we did not see any indication that it was a well.   There were no stones that indicated lining of the well, as well as the  fact that the hole was on an incline.  Wells were historically built on  level areas to protect downwash from rain from contaminating the well  water.  However, if the hole was once a well it is now a sinkhole and is  increasing in size.  This is compromising the structural integrity of  the foundation of the house, as the right side of the house is showing  cracks inside and outside of the house, symptoms indicative of  sinkholes.  There are additional smaller sinkholes in the backyard that  were noted by WK as well.


Due to the above scientific research and discovery, we cannot conclude that Wolf House is paranormally active.