Correctly measeure EMF & ELF

How to correctly measure elf & emf 

How to Correctly Measure ELF/EMF Using A Single Axis Gauss Meter (Standard EMF Detector) 

All too often, we see individuals and teams claim high measurements of EMF at a location by simply placing their standard EMF detectors to the wall. However, this is an incorrect way to measure EMF. The most common EMF detectors that are used by paranormal teams are the CellSensor, ELF Zone, ElectroSensor, TriField Natural and Gaussmaster. These are all single axis meters. EMF/ELF fields are three dimensional. Therefore, in order to obtain an accurate measurement of the field, one must first read the strength of the field in the three axis, x,y, and z. In other words, one has to measure all three axis by placing the detector horizontally, vertically, and sideways. Once readings are obtained in these three positions, perform the following calculation: 

1. Square the value of each reading. 

2. Add the three square values. 

3. Calculate the square root of the value obtained in Step 2. 

The final value obtained will be higher than the largest individual reading. For example, if one obtained the readings of 3 in the horizontal position, 1 in the vertical position and 2 in the sideways position, the squares are 9, 1, and 4. The total is 14 (9+1+4). The square root of 14 is 3.74, which is higher than three. 

Be sure to pay attention to the setting of your equipment. While on a "high sensitivity" scale, a reading of 3 corresponds to 3 milliGauss. However, on a "normal sensitivity" setting, a reading of 3 corresponds to 30 milliGauss. 

It is important to know how to use equipment properly when conducting paranormal investigations as well as the data that they provide. Failure to do so, will only provide a disservice to your clients, your team, and yourself.