A paranormal Residential Case Example 

Although our policy is not to share any information about residential cases we perform, the resident in this case has asked that we share this case in the hopes that it may help other individuals. 

This particular case involved a veteran of the US Army and we took her claims very seriously, as we do with every case we are on. However, this client was very emotionally, mentally and physically drained by the time she contacted our team. The client emailed our team with concerns of possible paranormal phenomena at her rental location. In her initial interview, Client disclosed her complete past medical history/records and is currently not under medication. Client complained of feeling held down on the bed where she could not move or speak, hearing movements in the attic, feelings of being watched, constant fatigue, non-localized pain, recent “frothy spit”, inability to focus, irritability, and intermittent insomnia. Client also complained of seeing shadows and having tingly sensations over her face and neck. Client expressed concern that we would think she was “crazy”. Client also noted that she does not know the actual owner of the property, nor has she ever met him and a rental property management company rents out the location. She stated that neighbors have told her that the actual owner had not been seen or heard from and that there was suspicion involved in his whereabouts. Interviews with the family members of the home showed that her behavior and physical ailments were outside of the norm for her, as she was physically fit and emotionally/mentally well prior to moving into the residence. 

Upon our initial research, we were able to discover that the actual owner currently resides in Florida and the property has always been used as rental property. A waiver of liability and consent to investigate the property were completed by the owner of the location and the resident, which was faxed to legal counsel. (We took this extra step because the resident was not the homeowner and rather than encroach upon certain legal rights to the owner, as well as to protect ourselves from certain liability issues, we wanted to ensure that proper authorization and disclosure was given. We did not disclose to him the claims of the resident out of respect for her confidentiality and to prevent any possible ramifications she may endure due to our inquiry. Rather we were general in our discussion and disclosed that there were certain claims made about him and phenomena surrounding the location over the years. At this point, the owner laughed and said he’d be interested in what we found. This is documented in a recorded phone conversation, he was notified the call was being recorded, and in the documents he faxed to counsel.) These documents are still maintained. A complete Title Search was performed on the property and all deeds of records for the location were pulled, dating back to the original land transfer in the late 1800s. The residence was constructed in the mid-1950s and the current owner purchased the residence in 1986. There were no significant or abnormal findings in the historical research of the property and all claims of “suspicions” regarding his whereabouts was dispelled within minutes of speaking with him. 

MVP noticed unlevel flooring in the hallway leading to the client’s bedroom as well as in other areas of the home. With the layout of the residence as well as the small size of the residence, the grade of unlevel flooring was significant enough to lend to a possible funhouse effect. We were unable to access the attic as both access points were sealed shut with screws and then painted over to prevent opening them. However, an outside perimeter walk of the residence revealed slight openings at the roof of the house and the possibility of mice or other rodents in the attic area is a plausible explanation of the sounds in the attic. Furthermore, we noticed wiring issues, low hanging power lines, a large HVAC system next to her bedroom, and her electrical meter seemed to be running haywire, as it was registering high amounts of electrical activity, although little power was actually running in the residence. In fact, the resident had unplugged all appliances, does not run the air condition, and any other electrical devices not in use are unplugged. A review of her electric bills noted that the amount of power running in her home did not equate with what was actually being used and was about $400 more than what she should have been charged, indicating there was some sort of electrical wiring/usage issue going on in the residence. Our audio data noted pulses of electricity in our review but no other anomalies. Our Carbon Monoxide detector also indicated that the CO levels were normal and there was no leak in the residence. 

Our team member, Adam, has been a licensed electrician for over ten years. He did a thorough electrical inspection of the home. To summarize, he found that she had exceptionally high readings inside and outside of her home with the power on and off. Furthermore, per NEC (National Electrical Code) a ground rod is required at the meter base and it is to meet a minimum standard of 5/8” X 8’ (inches/feet). The ground rod is to be made of copper or equivalent galvanized grade and is to be set 1 inch below finished grade. Once installed, the meter base is to be bonded to the ground wire. This home did NOT have a ground rod. Additionally, there was something wrong with her meter due to the extremely high fluctuations while nothing was running. 

The report of our findings, along with a complete electrician’s report, were provided to the client. We also suggested that she seek an examination by a physician to rule out any other possible health concerns. It was also recommended that she have Department of Electricity come to her home to check her electricity meter as well as the rental property management inspect the wiring in her home and the attic for possible rodent infestation.

In this case, the client followed through with our recommendation. She took our findings to her physician, along with the electrician’s report. He found that she was NOT mentally ill and that our suggestions in our complete report were inline with the symptoms that she was exhibiting. He further forwarded our report to Building and Codes, who then went to the property to do an official inspection. 

They found that not only was our electrician’s report correct, but that the residence was extremely out of code and the resident was released from her lease based off of medical necessity and code violations. The rental property management company and the property owner was required to get the residence in code before he could rent the location out to any new residents. 

The client asked that we share this because this is a clear case in which there can be many factors and explanations to phenomena that may be thought as being paranormal in nature. However, a thorough inspection can discover different results. As we told her in the beginning, we did not, nor do we, think that she’s crazy. What she was experiencing was very real and had a significant impact on her life. She did experience phenomena, only it was not paranormal in nature. After being seen from her physician and with the assistance of Building and Codes, she was released from her lease obligation and the residence was brought up to code. We are happy to report that she is doing very well now and has moved on with her life.