SEASON 6 - MVP's WTF? PAranormal

This sixth season of MVP's WTF? Paranormal is everything “WARREN.”  Ed and Lorraine Warren made a life for themselves in the Paranormal community, and each Episode this season will reflect on some of their more famous cases.   Read through the collection of information in each case, and make sure to listen to each episode. 

White Lady Union Cemetery - S6 E10

It took us a while, but we finally finished this episode! Sorry for the long wait! This is an interesting case from the Warrens. There have been many claims about people seeing a lady dressed in white in Union Cemetery. Did the Warren's actually capture an woman apparition on film? Who was the woman they claim is in the video? We also ask some other important questions about ghosts and discuss the ethics of investigating graveyards and cemeteries.  

Bill Ramsey - Werewolf? - S6 E9

Yes, you read that right: We are talking about the Warren's werewolf case and you might be a little surprised at what we learned. Some of us actually learned something new with the research we uncovered, not just about Bill Ramsey, but also about the medical condition, clinical lycanthropy. Yup... it's an actual thing. Clinical lycanthropy is a rare psychiatric condition which involves a delusion that the sufferer is transforming or has transformed into an animal. So buckle up, Buttercup because we're about to take you on a werewolf ride! 

Bonus - Paranormal Chris - S6 E8

Chris finally opens up about the current drama between himself and ghost hunter, Kalani Smith, which is spilling out all over social media.
We also get a little more insight into Chris's background and history as a paranormal investigator. 
We are tagging Kalani Smith in an Instagram post in the event he wishes to hear Chris's take on the situation. 

Additionally, we welcome him onto the show to provide his input/retort. We got questions and hope that he will be willing to come on the show to answer them.


The Snedeker Case: The Haunting in Connecticut - S6 E7

er/Warning: We're absolutely savage in this episode - no holds barred! This is one of our favorite cases from the Warren Files to discuss: The infamous Haunting in Connecticut case, aka The Snedeker Family Haunting. This case surrounds the Snedeker family who claimed their house was not only haunted, but that the demons also attacked them late at night...sexually.  

The Devil Made Me Do It - S6 E6

In Season 6 Episode 7 of MVP's WTF? PARANORMAL PODCAST -  We're talking about the "Devil Made Me Do It" case of Arne Cheyenne Johnson who was convicted of first degree manslaughter for killing his landlord, Alan Bono in 1981. The Warrens and Johnson's attorney attempted to use "not guilty by reason of demonic possession", but this was a no-go for the judge. After we go over some of the facts of the case and the consequences that came out of it, what do you think? Was Johnson really possessed by the devil? Or was it just a big heaping pile of dogsh*t for an excuse to murder? 

The Enfield Poltergeist - S6 E5

If you enjoyed The Conjuring 2, then you may want to listen to this episode in which we talk about the true story behind it: The Enfield Poltergeist. There's a lot of debate on this case, as there's just as many people who argue it was a complete hoax orchestrated by the girls, Janet and Margaret, as there are people who believe them. We also discuss the interview given by the girls and the Constables who responded to the scene the first night the mother called. We've attached a link to the actual original interview of the girls, the Constables, and Maurice Gross. We've also attached a link to the photos we discuss in the show. We're curious as to what you think once you hear and review everything we talk about. 

Amityville: Demonic Haunting or Desperate Hoax? - S6 E4

You can't talk about Ed and Lorraine Warren's case files without talking about the infamous Amityville Horror House.  In 1974, Ronald DeFeo Jr. murdered his parents and four siblings at 112 Ocean Avenue, Amityville NY.  However, what drove him to this gruesome murder? How does Ed and Lorraine Warren tie into all of this and what were their claims? What really drove the Lutz family from the home after they purchased it? Was it something demonic? Or was it something far more sinister.... (and by that we mean an elaborate hoax)?

We've listed below some additional resources that we refer to in this episode as well as that might provide some additional insight to the topic 

The Conjuring House: AKA Perron Family Haunting - S6 E3

 This is the story that inspired the movie The Conjuring.  In fact, the eldest daughter, Andrea Perron, wrote about her family's experiences in the farmhouse in her book, House of Darkness, House of Light.  We were surprised at some of the things that we discovered when researching this case. After we share what we discover, we're curious if you believe what the Warrens claim, what Andrea Perron claims, or what Norma Sutcliff, the owner of the house after the Perron family left, claims. 

Annabelle: Haunted Doll or Hoax? - S6 E2

Anyone who is familiar with the Warrens and their occult museum knows about the infamous Annabelle doll.  There have been many claims about this doll, from possession to even it being the cause of a man's death.  We delve deep into the claims and the story the Warrens gave regarding the doll's history as well examine another possible explanation as to where the story behind the doll really began. What do you think?   

SEASON 5 - MVP's WTF? PAranormal

This fifth season of MVP's WTF? Paranormal is an exciting mix of UAP's, well dressed monsters, curses, hospitals, and good ol' possessions!   Read through the collection of information in each case, and make sure to listen to each episode.

Navy Pilot Ryan Graves UAPs - S5 E7

We conclude this season with something that isn't creepy, but it is rather scary: UAPs/UFOs consistent presence in US Airspace. We look at the recent interviews former Navy Pilot Ryan Graves has given lately and he's bringing a lot to the forefront to think about.  How long have our pilots been seeing these UAPs in our airspace and why wasn't anything done soon? Join Mell, Paul and Chris as they go even deeper into this subject. Is there an actual government conspiracy to cover it all up or are they actually explainable? 

The Black Hat Man - S5 E6

Chris shares a personal story involving the paranormal phenomena known as the Black Hat Man. 

Is this a true paranormal phenomenon or is there a medical or scientific explanation? 

Curses - Not the 4 Letter Word Kind - S5 E5

Do you believe in curses or bad luck? Although we agree that most claims of curses are probably just coincidences, the ones that Mell shares on this show seem to test that theory. 

Are they just mere coincidences or are they actually curses? What do you think?  

Old South Pittsburg Hospital - S5 E4

Paul shares some of  his experiences at OSPH and we've included his EVP, which he says is one of the best he's ever captured. 

What do you hear in the EVP?? We want to know! 


The Possession of Anneliese Michel - S5 E3

Back in Season 3, we released the episode Emily Rose – The Real Story Behind the Exorcism. The real woman who was allegedly possessed was named Anneliese Michel. We received a lot of listener feedback on this episode, with many believing she was possessed and equally as many who did not.  ! 

SEASON 4 - MVP's WTF? PAranormal

This forth season of MVP's WTF? Paranormal is an exciting mix of Mansions, the Military, Mines, Hauntings, and Ufology!   Read through the collection of information in each case, and make sure to listen to each episode.

The LaLaurie Mansion - S4 E11

In Season 4 Episode 11 of the MVP PODCAST - All things Considered Paranormal, Chris shares the sick and sadistic tale of socialite and slave owner, Delphine LaLaurie of New Orleans, whose mansion has been claimed to be haunted with the souls of the tortured slaves that died from her cruelty at her home.   

Ammons Family Haunting - S4 E4

Mell shares a recent story of demonic possession and haunting: The Ammons Family haunting in Gary, Indiana which allegedly occurred in 2012. You may have heard about it as it is also known as the House of 200 Demons. Zac Bagans of Ghost Adventures ended up buying the house in 2014 and then had it demolished two years later because he claimed the demons were too powerful and too dangerous.  What do you think?  Below are links to some of the documents we were able to pull regarding the official reports as well as some media articles. 

The Kandahar Giant - S4 E6

Evan takes on a wild twist with this week's episode. Ever hear the story about how a Special Forces Unit battled a six-fingered, 12 foot tall giant in Afghanistan during OEF? Oh, and to make it even more epic...the giant was a ginger. So they killed a 12 foot tall, six fingered, red-headed giant with an epic red beard and a spear and of course.... main stream media forgot to mention it.  Do you believe this story or is it just bull dookey? 

Board Camp Crystal Mines - S4 E5

Everything that could possibly go wrong with the production of this episode happened. We blame the damn crystals. The  only thing we couldn't fix was Evan's crappy glitchy audio. Thankfully, he's a man of few words this episode. So Paul brings you a pretty interesting tale from Arkansas:  The Board Camp Crystal Mines in Mena, Arkansas. Apparently, this place is a hub for some pretty strange paranormal activity such as strange lights and levitating rocks. Yeah... you read that right: Levitating Rocks.  . you read that right: Levitating Rocks.  

Ammons Family Haunting - S4 E4

Mell shares a recent story of demonic possession and haunting: The Ammons Family haunting in Gary, Indiana which allegedly occurred in 2012. You may have heard about it as it is also known as the House of 200 Demons. Zac Bagans of Ghost Adventures ended up buying the house in 2014 and then had it demolished two years later because he claimed the demons were too powerful and too dangerous.  What do you think?  Below are links to some of the documents we were able to pull regarding the official reports as well as some media articles. 

Battle of Los Angeles - S4 E3

Did you know the movie, The Battle of Los Angeles, was based on a real alleged actual event? Well, buckle up and sit back because Evan is about to break down the story behind the movie. 

Holloman Landing - S4 E2

Paul is up ..... he shares with us the very interesting story of the Holloman Air Force Base landing. It's beyond intriguing because if you believe the government is willing to lie and cover up things (aka conspiracy) then perhaps you'd believe this actually occurred.  

The Zamora Encounter - S4 E1

Mell is first up this season and presents one of her favorite paranormal legends, which falls under Ufology: The Lonnie Zamora incident. Listen in as Paul and Evan give even more to think about. 

SEASON 3 - MVP's WTF? PAranormal

This third season of MVP's WTF? Paranormal is about ghosts, frauds, reality, and more frauds!   Read through the collection of information in each case, and make sure to listen to each episode.

Ed and Lorraine Warren - Legit or Counterfeit? - S3 E8

We can't have a season on possessions and  exorcisms and not discuss the Warrens.  Are they the real deal Holyfield or are they frauds? We dive into it and don't necessarily agree with each other. Hmmmm.... Here are some links to videos we reference in this episode.  

Emily Rose - The Real Story Behind the Exorcism - S3 E7

 If you haven't seen the movie, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, stop and watch it if you can. It's a good flick. However, the story behind it is even gooder.... yeah, we said gooder. You know why? Because it is. Join us as we delve into the very, very interesting and baffling true story of Anneliese Michel, the woman Emily Rose was based on. Below you will find links to the actual tapes and videos of Anneliese's exorcism which we reference in this episode, as well as an excellent outline and examination of the events. 

Exorcisms on Reality TV and 1 Internet Turd - S3 E6

 This week we discuss the possessions and exorcisms on the numerous reality TV ghost hunting shows and one dude that performs exorcisms via skype.... yeah, we didn't know that was a thing either.  

The Exorcist True Story: Fact of Fiction PART 1 and 2 - S3 E4&5

We can't talk about possessions and exorcisms without talking about the true story behind the 1973 film "The Exorcist". We had to do it in 2 parts. In this episode, we share our thoughts on the story and why we do or don't believe the boy was possessed. 

Bishop James Long - S3 E3

 Holy crap on a cracker! Today, we're talking about Bishop James Long.  Paranormal reality TV's current favorite exorcist and demonologist.  Look, we know some of you think he's the legit real deal, but some of us beg to differ.  Listen to this episode and you'll find out why some of us think he may not be as valid as he claims....  

The Catholic Stance - S3 E2

Seeing as how the majority of possessions/exorcisms involve a Catholic priest, it's only fitting that we layout the Catholic Church's standpoint on possessions and exorcisms, to include the various stages of possession and the pre-requisites for an exorcism.  

SEASON 2 - MVP's WTF? PAranormal

The second season of MVP's WTF? Paranormal is about Data Logging, EMF, EVP, Gizmos, and Stuff!   Read through the collection of information in each case, and make sure to listen to each episode.

Paranormal Investigation Techniques - S2 E4

Seeing as how we kinda donkey kicked the paranormal gadgets and gizmos in the nuts last week, we decided to do a show with some suggestions for investigation techniques that don't require the use of those ringy dingy toys. Though we have no tips on how to trap a ghost/demon in a box or how to blow them up, we can provide some other ideas that may be useful on your investigations  

Paranormal Gizmos & Gadgets - S2 E3

It's time to talk about some of the handy dandy devices paranormal peeps use on their investigations. You've seen a lot of them on various paranormal shows, to include Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hunters, Skywalker Ranch, Ghost  Brothers... EVERY. PARANORMAL. SHOW. ON. TV.   

WTF is EMF? - S2 E2

You see what happened was...... 

Using Cameras in the Paranormal - S2 E1

You see investigators use them all the time on every paranormal show on TV. Every paranormal investor or ghost hunter has them in their kits: Cameras. Whether it is a digital camera, night vision camera, body cam, trail cams or the multiple security cameras placed all around a location, they are constantly being used to document paranormal activity. But are they actually useful or being used correctly? What are the pros and cons of using them? 

SEASON 1 - MVP's WTF? PAranormal

The first season of MVP's WTF? Paranormal is covered Skinwalker Ranch, UFO's and more!  We had to start somewhere!   Read through the collection of information in each case, and make sure to listen to each episode.

"Skinwalker Ranch" - S1 E8

Welp, we couldn't avoid it.

We had to cover the crazy story and backstory of the infamous Skinwalker Ranch. But we did our homework and read some books, watched some tv, then did some digging.  Join us as we discuss what we uncovered in our research.  We're also really interested in your opinions. Do you believe in the legend or do you think it's all just hype?

History, Religion, UFOs and Aliens - S1 E7

We get "smarticle" with this episode. Join us as we discuss the historical (as in waaaay before Roswell) and religious mentions of UFOs and Extra Terrestrials, aka Aliens.  This is a very interesting discussion as we examine various religions, artifacts, ancient civilizations, and historical texts. You might be surprised at what you learn.   

Bob Lazar - No Holds  Barred - S1 E6

This episode is freaking epic! Join us as we discuss, debate, and dissect Pimp Daddy Bob Lazar and his claims. 

This isn't going to be the typical "Bob Lazar" commentary. 


The Non-Disclosure Disclosure - S1 E5

Is there a government conspiracy to cover up UAPs and possible Alien contact?  

Join us as we discuss whether or not we believe there is, as well as what the government is (and isn't) saying about UAPs and government projects to study UFO phenomena. 

Unacknowledged: An Expose of the Worlds Greatest Secret - S1 E4

Join us this week as we discuss the controversial documentary, "Unacknowledged: An Expose of the World's Greatest Secret".  We discuss Dr. Steven M. Greer, founder of the Disclosure Project, and the many claims he asserts in this film, as well as the film footage shared 

The Phenomenon - Part 1 & 2 - S1 E2 & E3

In this episode,  we begin our discussion on the controversial documentary "The Phenomenon". We're  breaking it down point by point discussing some of the strong points the film makes, as well as some of the issues that we have with some of the claims. We encourage you to also research some of the claims in this documentary. But make sure you do it UNBIASED and not with an agenda. Stay on the fence and research both sides of the argument. Then decide for yourself. 

pre-podcast - MVP's PAranormal research

MVP has been around since before PODCASTS!  Yes, it is true.  Check out this work.

On 09 January 2016, MVP joined  Paraskeptix on an investigation of Hales Bar Dam in Guild, TN. Hales Bar Dam has been featured on many paranormal television shows, most notably “Ghost Adventures". 

 Supposedly, the property was possibly built upon former Native American burial grounds. The property is adjacent to the Floral Hills Memorial Gardens. WK also informed MVP that the Wolf family/Price family cemetery was in close proximity to the property and both families were buried at the same location. 

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, “When the ropes snapped taut, the two men swung round and round, their fingers clutching spasmodically at the air and their shoulders heaving convulsively... At 11:50, almost ten minutes after Sheriff Plummer sprung the traps, the doctors listened for the heartbeats of the two men and they still were beating." Walling was finally pronounced dead at 11:55, and Jackson six minutes later.

The claims of paranormal phenomena at the Old Lincoln County Regional Hospital are much the same claims as have been made at many other abandoned hospitals now used for ghost hunting: Apparitions, orbs, shadow figures, children’s voices, unusual sensations, and other disembodied voices. One individual also claimed publicly that on one occasion he saw the apparition of his very first patient, which was over thirty years ago.