MVP's WTF Paranormal Podcast - Amiyville:  Demonic Haunting or desperate hoax?

You can't talk about Ed and Lorraine Warren's case files without talking about the infamous Amityville Horror House.  

In 1974, Ronald DeFeo Jr. murdered his parents and four siblings at 112 Ocean Avenue, Amityville NY.  However, what drove him to this gruesome murder? 

How does Ed and Lorraine Warren tie into all of this and what were their claims? 

What really drove the Lutz family from the home after they purchased it? 

Was it something demonic? Or was it something far more sinister.... (and by that we mean an elaborate hoax)?

We've listed below some additional resources that we refer to in this episode as well as that might provide some additional insight to the topic:

Extensive research website on the Amityville Murders by Ric Osuna:

Amityville Murders documentary by Ryan Katzenbach:

Marvin Scott news segment on Amityville

Marvin Scott remembers Amityville

Ed and Lorraine Warren interview regarding Amityville:

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