Military Veterans Paranormal


This photo was taken at COB Delta,  Al Kut, Iraq by one of our team members during one of the few rainy nights during the deployment. Though some would speculate that the round spots on the photo are "orbs", they are actually from drops of rain on the lens.

We are an organization quite like no other in the paranormal community. By approaching the paranormal with a military mindset coupled with​ exceptional work ethics, high standards, and most reliable paranormal investigation equipment, we aim to advance the paranormal field in the hopes to provide the most accurate, thorough, and irrefutable evidence of paranormal existence. We also seek to assist those that are experiencing paranormal activities, either in their private residence or public location. 


Military Veterans Paranormal is a paranormal investigation and research organization comprised solely of active duty and veteran military service members. We are local paranormal investigators for the Clarksville, Fort Campbell, Oak Grove and Hopkinsville area.