Paranormal Podcast:  MVP's WTF? Paranormal podcast is a different type of paranormal podcast.

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Paranormal Podcast:  MVP's WTF? Paranormal podcast is a different type of paranormal podcast. We cover all things paranormal: ghosts, UFOs, cryptozoology, demons, paranormal TV, paranormal technology, phenomenology, and even the weirdos in the paranormal (including us). And we have fun while we do it.  We take all things in consideration and use in-depth research, critical thinking, experience, and of course, common sense, as we formulate our opinions on the topics. We're raw and uncensored, and we have a completely inappropriate sense of humor. We're disgruntled military vets...what do you expect? So grab an adult beverage, or diet coke for our listeners who are calorie-conscious, sit back, and enjoy. 

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Word of warning: we use foul language. Another word of warning: Did we mention how inappropriate we can be? Last word of warning: Our first few seasons started off rough but we figured it all out as the seasons progressed. So stick with us and feel free to agree or disagree, just have fun and get enlightened! 

Who is MVP? Military Veterans Paranormal

Who is MVP?

Established in 2013, MVP "Military Veterans Paranormal" is an all-Veteran owned and operated paranormal team based in scientific and historical research. 

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Paranormal Research

We have heard a lot of Paranormal claims.  Investigations followed.  Read some of our research. 

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Paranormal Education

There is a lot more to Paranormal Activity research than you might image.  Education is the key. 

We are a paranormal team and organization quite like no other in the paranormal community. 

By approaching the paranormal with a military mindset of high standards and the refusal to compromise our integrity, we aim to advance the thinking and methods in the paranormal field in the hopes to provide the most accurate and thorough paranormal research.  

Military Veterans Paranormal (MVP) seeks to assist those that believe they are experiencing paranormal activities, either in their private residence or public location. 

Our paranormal team is made up of both believers and skeptics, keeping our dynamic balanced, unbiased, and objective as a whole. 

The TRUTH is what we seek!!!  



Visit our PATREON page for archived podcast episodes, as well as exclusive content.  

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